File Name

Tools FSS e-Filing support files
IR Services on-line forms IRWEB01 – Registration as a tax practitioner
IRWEB02 – Authorisation of tax representative
IRWEB03 – Registration of users by a firm
IRWEB06 – Registration for the FSS service
IRWEB12 – Registration for the Notaries IRD on-line system (including guidelines)
IRWEB13 – Registration for shipping declarations
IRWEB 14 – Registration as a data provider
Individuals Tax Return Help Booklet (English) for Basis year 2015
Return Attachment 13 – Deduction for Childcare Facilities at the Workplace (RA13)
Return Attachment 14 – Deduction for Fees Paid in Respect of Tertiary Studies (RA14)
Return Attachment 17 – Highly Qualified Persons – Article 56(21), Income Tax Act (RA17)
Profit & Loss Account
TA22 – Part Time Self Employed
TA23 – Part Time Employment
TA24 – Tax from Rents from Residential & Commercial Lets
Sports Fees Claim for Deduction
Cultural & Creative Course Fees Claim for Deduction
  School Transport Fees Claim for Deduction
Application Form – Parent Rate (English)
Companies TIFD Spreadsheet
FSS Forms FS3 – Payee Statement of Earnings
FS4 – Payee Status Declaration
FS5 – Payer’s Monthly Payment Advice
FS7- Payer’s Annual Reconciliation Statement (EUR)
FB1 – Fringe Benefits Personal History Sheet
FB2 – Application for a Reduced Rate for Point to Point Service or Delivery
Application for the Registration of an Employer (by an Individual)
Application for the Registration of an Employer (by a Company)
PE Number De-Activation Form
PE Number Re-Activation Form
Social Security Contributions Part-Time Self Employed Females Pro-Rata
Full Time Farmers and Breeders – Application for Reduced SSC Class 2 Rates
SSC Refund 15(7)
SSC Refund 15(8)
Capital Gains Tax CGT Schedule B
CGT Schedule B1
CGT Schedule C
CGT Schedule D
CGT Schedule E
CGT Schedule F
Capital Transfer Duty DDT1 – Notarial Notice of Inter Vivos Transfers
DDT3 – Notice of Promise of Sale / Transfer of Immovable Property
DDT4 – Notarial Notice of Causa Mortis Declarations
DDT – Fifth Schedule
DDT – Sixth Schedule
DDT – Seventh Schedule
DDT – Eight Schedule
Remission of Interest and Penalties
Miscellaneous Forms Expatriate Taxpayer Registration Form (Editable)
PT Reduction Form
Trusts01 – Registration of a Trust
Foundations Registration Form
Registration of a Partnership
PR1 – Application under the Residents Scheme Regulations, 2004
Request for Remission of Additional Tax and Interest Form

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