FAQ’s – Property

1) Can foreigners that are visitors or residents make use of medical facilities in Malta and what are the related costs if any?
– EU citizens who are either visiting or resident in Malta have free public health.
2) Can residents bring their pets and would they be subject to quarantine?
– If such pets are under the Pet Travel Scheme they do not require quarantine
– Pets from qualifying countries which have been vaccinated against Rabies eg: Uk, Ireland need to be quarantined for 21 days.
– Pets which do not qualify under the PET Travel Scheme need to be quarantined for six months
3) Can residents bring their car to Malta?
– Yes however one has to pay tax on the care depending on its value and age. VAT will be payable as well if one is bringing a car from outside the EU.
4) How can one become a permanent resident?
– Both individuals from the EU and non EU countries may apply for Permanent residency under the Residents Scheme Regulations 2004. The Inland Revenue Department issues a certificate for an indefinite period subject to certain conditions and such certificate will be reviewed annually.
5) What needs to be done to obtain permanent residency in Malta?
– A form needs to be completed for both EU and non-EU national which can be found at the Police in the Immigration Section. This has to be submitted within 3 months from arrival in Malta.

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