Malta Gaming Authority – FAQ’s

1) What types of licenses are available?
Class 1: remote gaming license eg: casinos and online lotteries. Here operators manage the game and also the risk. One can also have a Class 1 on 4 license whereby the operator uses the equipment of a Class 4 licensee.
Class 2: a remote betting license. Here operators manage their risk based on a matchbook. One can also have a Class 2 on 4 license.
Class 3: a license to promote remote gaming in or from Malta. One can also have a Class 3on 4 license.
Class 4: a license to host and manage remote gaming operators excluding the licensee. Such services are provided from the operators platform. This is a Business to Business license.
2) What are the remote gaming license fees?
– application fees – €2,330
– yearly licence fees – €8,500
– renewal fees – €1,500
– approval fees for Transfer or Assignment of Licence – €1,500
– administrative fees (where applicable)
3) What are the tax rates imposed on gaming licenses?
– These can be found in the Fourth Schedule of the Remote Gaming Regulations.
4) How long does the licensing process usually take?
– Provided all documents and information is submitted this usually takes 12-16 weeks.
5) How long can the licensee take before going Live once the license is issued?
– The licensee will be given 60 days to go live else the license will fall.
– When this has been done the Malta Gaming Authority will issue a gaming license of five years.
6) What is the minimum share capital required for each license?
– Class 1 – one hundred thousand Euro (€100,000)
– Class 2 – one hundred thousand Euro (€100,000)
– Class 3 – forty thousand Euro (€40,000)
– Class 4 – forty thousand Euro (€40,000)
– Furthermore, companies applying for multiple licences should have the cumulative of the requirements hereby established, up to a maximum of two hundred and forty thousand Euro (€240,000).

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