FAQ – Malta Film Commission

1) What financial incentives are available?
– There is a 27% rebate on eligible costs at the discretion of the state. This is a basic rate of 25% plus 2% for productions with a Maltese cultural element. This rebate is given in the form of a cash grant. Post production, there is an eligible cost capped at€150,000.There is also a co-production fund encouraging local productions to participate in international projects.
2) Is there a minimum amount of expenditure?
– Minimum of €100,000.
3) Why are these incentives so attractive?
– This is because they are given in the form of a cash rebate on qualifying expenditure incurred in Malta. This will be given if the audit report is presented after six months.
4) What types of productions qualify for such rebate?
– Examples: TV productions, mini-series, documentaries provided that they are partially produced in Malta.
5) Does one need to get their own crew?
– Not necessary as Malta has a highly trained workforce in various film departments. Another advantage is the ability of Maltese to speak in English.
6) How can one find Maltese crew?
– The Malta Film Commission has a list of crew that would have worked on recent films. Once can obtain such information by sending an email on info@mfc.com.mt or telephone +356 2180 9135.
7) Is the Film Industry or Maltese crew unionised?
– No.
8) Do you require a special permit to film in Malta?
Yes. Filming activities in a public location require a permit from the Government Property Division and when filming in specific areas one needs a special permit from various Government entities.

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