FAQ’s employment

1) What should an employer provide to the employee upon commencement of work?
– Unless a contract is provided and signed into by both employer and employee a letter of engagement needs to be provided by employer to employee within 8 days from commencement of employment.
2) What is the usual probation period in Malta?
– This is usually six months unless agreed otherwise between the employer and employee.
3) Can one’s employment be terminated in the probationary period?
– Yes provided one week’s notice is given.
4) What are the amount of hours in a typical working week?
– The amount of hours worked shall not exceed 48 hours per week usually a 40 hours week.
5) How many days of leave is one entitled to?
– If one works 40 hours per week one is entitled to 24 days of leave a year.
– If an employee has an employment of less than 12 months the amount of leave shall be calculated proportionately.
– Leave has to be approved by the employer.
– If one terminates his employment the amount of leave not taken has to be paid to him by the employer.
6) What is the amount of sick leave entitlement?
– This is equivalent to 2 working weeks.
– One needs to present a doctor’s certificate for sick leave taken for his wage to continue to be paid by employer.
– If the amount of days of sick leave exceeds the amount paid by law, one will receive sickness benefits accordingly from Social Security.
7) Is an employee paid on public holidays?
8) How many weeks are allowed for maternity leave?
– 18 weeks. The first 14 weeks are paid by the employer and the other 4 weeks are paid by Social Security.

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