Citizenship FAQ’s

The Maltese Citizenship Act grants the grant to dual citizenship to all Maltese citizens without any distinction. Read More

Company Formations FAQ’s

There is nothing more rewarding then having a small business or a sole trader to grow into a company and employing staff. Read More

Employment FAQ’s

Unless a contract is provided and signed into by both employer and employee a letter of engagement needs to be provided. Read More

ETC Licensing FAQ’s

Employment licenses (formerly known as work permits) are issued by the Employment and Training Corporation (ETC). Read More

Malta Film Commission FAQ’s

The Malta Film Commission receives a number of enquiries about filming in the Malta so we have compiled a list of FAQs. Read More

Malta Funds FAQ’s

The MFSA Investment Services Rules provide for Retail Funds and Non-Retail Funds which are regulated by MFSA. Read More

Malta Gaming Authority FAQ’s

This Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section is intended to address the questions many applicants and licensees ask the Authority. Read More

Property FAQ’s

Both individuals from the EU and non EU countries may apply for Permanent residency under the Residents Scheme Regulations 2004. Read More

Tax FAQ’s

Tax is the plateau of Malta’s economy. Foreign individuals holding shares in local companies benefit from tax refunds. Read More


Goods and Services are generally taxable at a standard VAT rate. However, certain goods and services have a reduced rates. Read More


GCB Malta communicated with us within 12 hrs and efficiently set up our company and dealt with all documentations, VAT, Bank... Our client is very happy with the work and so are we! Thanks...

Viviane Patsinos

"For the last two years, GCB has assisted my small business with a range of financial services, including income tax preparation, VAT filings, and NI payments. In my experience, GCB provides its clients with comprehensive, personalized service at a reasonable price, and with attention to detail."