Did you know that regular tenders are issued online and open to the general public? Local & foreign businesses, companies and even Self Employed can take advantage of these tenders to grow their businesses.

From our experience when approaching our clients we learnt that in almost 90% of the cases, clients do not apply for these tenders because of a number of factors, mainly:

– Not aware of specific tenders which are of interest to the business;

– Insufficient knowledge about a particular tender;

– Afraid that they get stuck during the tender process and would not be able to continue and therefore think it could be a waste of time if this happens;

– Not enough time for the Small, Medium Sized or local businessman to read through the documentations, request clarifications, prepare the documents and submit the forms before deadline;

– Simply not knowing from where to start.

– Start-ups feel that there are too many competitors so, less chance for them to win the tender

GCB Malta Ltd can help in consulting, discussing, analysing and notifying clients about particular tenders. We have helped hundreds of clients submitting their tenders so you can rest assured that you will not loose on the opportunity of any new tenders. We take the time to meet clients and analyse the possibility submitting tenders. We provide our clients with full support in the preparation, meeting and submitting of the tenders! All the client has to do is to provide certain information, like prices and certain technical details which would be included in the tender documents. The rest is taken care of by us! Our aim is to get our clients with new business and increase their profits.