Straight Facts Official Name: Republic of Malta Double Taxation Treaties: 60 + EU Member: Since 2004 Currency: EURO Approx. Length of Incorporation: 1 week Language: Maltese & English.

Country Approximately 316 km in area, the Maltese islands are in the middle of Europe & North Africa. Being a small island,it takes some 60 minutes to travel from the top to the bottom of the island! With some 300 days of sunshine a year, 9 beach awards (2012), acknowledged as a very safe environment, and friendly people, Malta is the best location to set your company, and work in such a surrounding paradise.

Work Force Over 60% of students decide to further their studies to tertiary education. Almost all people in Malta know how to speak Maltese and English as their first language, and many others also speak fluently in French and German! Having, a highly skilled, polite and educated workforce, Malta is a recommended place for the servicing industry. To top it all, labor costs in Malta are relatively lower compared to other EU countries making it an even better alternative to other countries!

Maltese Tax & Regulations > Fiscal and Tax Regime > Double Taxation Treaties > Attractive Tax Structures > Tax Credit Systems for Shareholders.



GCB Malta communicated with us within 12 hrs and efficiently set up our company and dealt with all documentations, VAT, Bank... Our client is very happy with the work and so are we! Thanks...

Viviane Patsinos

"For the last two years, GCB has assisted my small business with a range of financial services, including income tax preparation, VAT filings, and NI payments. In my experience, GCB provides its clients with comprehensive, personalized service at a reasonable price, and with attention to detail."