There is nothing more rewarding then having a small business or a sole trader to grow into a company and employing staff. It strengthens the economy and rewards the hard work carried out by directors whilst rewarding the shareholders for their investment However people might struggle to start their own business.

This problem can be easily overcome. Ask for our help and rest assured that we will listen to and address your concerns. This can be an overwhelming process, but with a little help and support, this can be overcome. Have a look at what you can expect with our support:

» Preparation of Memorandum & Articles to suite the client’s needs
» Company Formation
» Assistance in the opening of a Bank Account
» ETC application
» IRD application
» VAT Registration
» Full communication to members and directors on the process status
» Compiling first KYC and CDD documents which are required by banks and local Authorities.
» Business Start-up Finances and liquidity support